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8 thoughts on “ Miserist - Miserist (CDr)

  1. 1. Can you give us an update on what is going on with the band these days? A-Well, Starless Night is in the writing process for some.
  2. 1- Stroo 2- Dar tootar Bomme Orke 3- La Marantega 4- La Prima Neve 5- Ljetzan 6- Im Balt 7- La Prima Neve (Italian) Nebel: Guitars,Lyrics. K.: Bass,Arrangements Mairon: Drums. Valand: Vocals. La band veronese LUCE D'INVERNO, dedita ad un puro black metal, annuncia l'uscita del terzo album!. L'album di intitola "Ljetzan", uscirà via MASD RECORDS il 23 Aprile in una splendida versione.
  3. TOBY KNAPP The Architect of Paradox, Black, Death, Thrash, Doom, Heavy Metal, Power Metal, grind, CD, CDs, Vinyl, LP, LPs, Shirts, Patches, DVDs, Tapes, Cassettes.
  4. - MISERIST "S/T EP” Digi MCD - MITOCHONDRION "Antinumerology" Digi MCD - MORNINGSIDE, THE "TreeLogia (The Album As It Is Not)" Digi CD - MORTE INCANDESCENTE "Ultimatum" MCD - MOTOR "5 Years of Satanic Rock" CD - N.K.V.D "Totalitarian Industrial Oppression" Digipack CD - NATTSMYG "Född Att Härska" CD - NATTSMYG "Fylgja" CD.
  5. (ENDE81) Noistruct vs Crippling Self Doubt - Godwhores US Noise Miserist and self pity wallower "Crippling Self Doubt" and equally miserable and paranoid Australian breakcore producer "Noistruct" join forces to produce a tale of American blasphemy seen through cynical eyes from opposite ends of the planet or just an excuse to make something pointedly offensive?
  6. Miserist &#;"Miserist" Digipak CD. Regular price $ Mitochondrion "Antinumerology" Digipak CD. Regular price $ Stormfront "Fandens triumf" CDR. Regular price $ Skull "Beer Metal Spikes" CD. Regular price $
  7. Initially heard by precious few due to being only released on extremely limited, ash-coated and wax sealed CDr to a few close associates, this mesmerizing record was soon picked up for a run on tape by Eternal Warfare Records and those who then had the privilege of hearing it were hopelessly ensnared by its haunting, dark-ambient infused tones.

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