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  1. “Nerve-wracking” is a widely-used and well-established variant spelling. Many editors and usage dictionaries find it acceptable, but purists and prescriptivists consider it an error. When something is making you feel very nervous, you can say it’s nerve-wracking, even though nerve-racking might be the more appropriate choice.
  2. Oct 18,  · Nerve Wrecker The Talos Principle Guide - Duration: AimEgoGod views. Top 5 Easter Eggs #4 ★ The Talos Principle - .
  3. extremely trying on the nerves a nerve-racking ordeal The job interview was a nerve-racking experience.
  4. Nerve-racking definition, extremely irritating, annoying, or trying: a nerve-racking day; a nerve-racking noise. See more.
  5. Jun 13,  · The game mechanics of Nerve Wrecker is extremely simple, your task is to control the character to jump from platform to platform, climbing higher while collecting prizes and avoiding a collision with enemies, there are five worlds and more than 20 challenging levels in the game, the passage of which will require skill and patience from you.
  6. Dec 13,  · I go through Star Gate A and do the nerve wrecker puzzle because I hate it and I'd spend countless minutes trying to get through and then Elohim says the line and I leave nerve wrecker and go solve another puzzle within Star Gate A and then I leave Star Gate A with Nerve Wrecker unfinished and go on to solve a puzzle in World B. No achievement.
  7. NERVE WRECKING MONSTER TRUCKS STUNT BATTLE In this majestic fire breathing arena war simulator you are the fantastic gunman that has to control the V12 powered monster trucks machines! Drift through all the stunts mania corners and use the handbrake to earn drift points and beat the high score set by the most prestigious monster big rig racers. This Trucks of .
  8. Nerve-racking and nerve-wracking are alternate spellings of the same adjective, referring to something stressful or anxiety-inducing. Nerve-racking is the common word preferred to describe stressful situations while wrack means damage and destruction and unless you are talking about damage, nerve-racking is to be used.
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