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8 thoughts on “ Solar Anus - The Big Drum In The Sky Religion* - The Protocols Of The Elders Of Babylon (File, MP3)

  1. But a well-known solar system scientist Dr Stuart Ross Taylor, has said in a recent book, ‘The ultimate origin of the solar system’s angular momentum remains obscure’ There is a competing evolutionary model for the origin of the solar system, called the Capture Theory. In this, a passing protostar, loosely held together, passes close.
  2. “Once the sky had no day. When the sky was clear there was some light from the stars but when it was cloudy it was very dark. Raven had put fish in the rivers and fruit trees in the land but he was saddened by the darkness. The Sun at that time was kept in a box by a chief in the sky. The Raven came to a hole in the sky and went through.
  3. It contains % of all the mass in the solar system, which is why the pull of its gravity is able to keep all the planets in their orbits. The Earth is the third planet from the Sun: None of the nine planets in our solar system orbits the Sun in a circle.
  4. Combustibled babies: all're ending as is as if ending is unto being/beginning; 'tis all'n'all such same. Arbitrary despotic adhearances to.
  5. Not only that, solar mythology goes beyond the Bible and can be shown to be the basis of most of our oldest and most cherished folk tales and fables. Little Red Riding Hood, Jack and the Bean Stalk, Cinderella, Homer's Odyssey (Odysseus is the Sun who takes a long journey, yearning to return to his wife, Penelope, who represents Virgo.
  6. the Solar Temple embraced and held “the traditional theosophic belief in a heavenly occult hierarchy,” which the OTS referred to as the “33 wise men or big brothers.”33 Regarding these 33 wise leaders, “Luc Jouret believed that he and 32 of the members of the Order of the Solar Temple were the reincarnations of elders of an ancient sect.
  7. A very odd friend of yours (living in Ann Arbor, MI) asks you for advice (as his astronomy expert). He likes sleeping during the day, and being awake at night, and thus has taken to going out into an open field and staring at the stars for hours, while slowly chanting the names of the 92 stable elements.
  8. Ancient Religion and Astronomy. Submitted by: Angela Britto. Ancient Religion and Astronomy Since the beginning of his existence, man has always been fascinated by the skies and the behaviour of the celestial bodies that inhabit them. He has used his observations of their movements to shape his beliefs in his gods, whose stability and everlasting power were manifested in the stars and planets.

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